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In Ontario, a paralegal is an officer of the court, because they have been designated as such by the legislation,and a paralegal is part of the provincial legal system. Paralegals in Ontario are licensed and regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada, which also regulates and provides licenses for all lawyers in Ontario. Ontario is the only jurisdiction in the western hemisphere where paralegals are licensed and the profession is regulated as officers of the court.

Paralegals who provide legal services to the public must carry professional liability insurance in accordance with By-Law. Licensees must provide written proof of their compliance with this requirement to carry mandatory insurance before they begin providing legal services, as well as on an annual basis.

A paralegal license allows a paralegal to independently advise and represent clients of matters in provincial offences court, summary conviction criminal court, small claims court and administrative tribunals. Many paralegals in Ontario work in the areas of permitted practice for paralegals and also work alongside lawyers in areas of practice that are only permitted to be practiced by lawyers (e.g., Family Law, Wills and Estate and Indictable Offences in Criminal Law).

All lawyers and paralegals who practice law and provide legal services in Ontario, are required to complete the CPD program. Continuing professional development (CPD) is the maintenance and enhancement of a lawyer or paralegal’s professional knowledge, skills, attitudes and professionalism throughout the individual’s career. It is a positive tool that benefits lawyers and paralegals and is an essential component of the commitment they make to the public to practice law or provide legal services competently and ethically.

I was born and raised in Blind River, Ontario. I am the 4th generation residing on the Northshore of Lake Huron. I have ancestors originating from Silverwater (Manitoulin Island), Spanish Mills (Spanish), Blind River, Dean Lake (Iron Bridge), and Noëlville. The majority of my family live between the Greater Sudbury Area and Sault Ste. Marie (Algoma Region). Thus, I am very familiar with current and past challenges inherent with living in this part of Ontario. I have a vested interest in this geographical area, and I will invest my efficient efforts into your matter, like it is my own. 
Prior to becoming a Paralegal and graduating with honours, I worked with the Ministry of Natural Resources for over 9 years. In my role as a designated officer under various natural resources laws, I applied provincial acts, regulations, policies and procedures, to ensure user compliance. In all of the vast extensive government training I have received, inturn I became very skilled at evidence gathering – pictures/maps/measuring extent of violation, fact finding, documenting (proper legal note taking – knowing what to expect in a complete disclosure), writing professional directed letters, understanding the purpose of the provincial acts and applying these laws justly to all users. This thoroughly applied working knowledge, skills and experience gives me great insight to the inner workings of Ontario laws and the government who passes them. Let me solve your legal challenges and advise you of your options and build a plausible defence.   

We are driven by values

Looking to invest in our future, I then worked in education for over 6 years in our local schools. The experience of working in our class rooms provides me with insight to know and understand  your rights and the rights of your child, to a peaceful and complete education. It also provides me with the knowledge to know what your special needs child is entitled to under provincial legislation. You the parents and/or caregivers know your child the best and are their best advocate. If I can be of assistance, feel free to contact to book your consultation.     

Mentoring upcoming paralegals, investing in our youth (mock trials, etc.), and educating you on your rights under the laws of our land and its people, allows me to give back in thanks for all that our communities have given me. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Thank You, Merci, and Chi-miigwetch, for considering McLeod Litigation and Advocacy as your choice representation.

I am a proud member of:

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